I have a 50000 mile 2001 Z3 with a M54 2.5 using ms43 DME. I have installed a turbo kit and bought a Turbo Tune with #80 injectors and MAF from a tuner on this site, his website said tune is for E46 not a Z3 ? With stock tune everything on the car worked now with new tune i have many problems. Here's a list.

1. A/C compressor wont turn on, getting a Code for a/c compressor relay.
2. Getting a Code for no lower radiator temp output. (Z3 does have)
3. Throttle is so sensitive that from a dead stop car jerks so bad its undriveable, like first time ever driving standard trans.
4. Cruise control is not steady set at 65mph it goes 70 to 50 up and down.
5. Trying to start it with warm engine is hard, starts and dies over and over tell battery is dead if it does start black smoke pours out of exhaust for 2 minutes then clears up but sets miss fire codes.
6 Getting MAF code.
7. EML light on sometimes. car has no power turn key off and back on light go off.
8 ABS & DIS not working.
9. Gettin code for no wheel speed sensor.
10. Cooling fan not coming on. ( CAR OVER HEATS)
11. Engine wont rev past 4900 rpm, like limp mode.

Is the E46 and Z3 tunes that much different? Tuner has been no help wont respond to emails. i have replaced every sensor on the engine, all wheel speed sensors plus all ignition coils on the car with OEM BMW parts. ( not MAF or injectors)
Any ideas? need help only put 16 miles on the car in 5 months because of this.