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Thread: DME Repair

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    DME Repair

    Would like a recommendation for having the DME (MS42) from GF's 1999 Z3 diagnosed and repaired, if that's possible. Rough running and codes led me to a melted coil on #5. Searching and reading all the posts I could find here (this board is a BIG help sometimes) led me to suspect the DME. I've already opened the unit to find telltale over-heat marks on the board and presume this may be the issue. There are a number of companies offering diagnosis/repair but I've no way of knowing if they do good work or even how extensive the repair would be. I'm a toolmaker and can make almost anything except money and BMW DME's. Money will be spent on this so I'd prefer the money went to somebody that deserves the business. Open to suggestions. Moderators; if this thread is in the wrong sub-forum please feel free to move it. Thanks for all replies.

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    I do repairs on MS42. Send me personal message.

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