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Thread: Former E36 Owner looking to get back in a 3 series - Suggestions?

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    Former E36 Owner looking to get back in a 3 series - Suggestions?

    Hello all. Looking for advice on what car to look into. I have owned 2 e36's in the past (94 325is and 95 M3 Coupe) and absolutely loved those cars. Looking in to getting back into another 3 series but am having a hard time narrowing down my choices. I'm not too worried about maintenance as it is a part of owning these cars, but have decided against e90 335i's due to the turbo aspect and added costs there. I have so far narrowed down to e36 325i, 328i, or M3/4/5, e46 325i, 328i, or 330i, e90 325i, 328i, or 330i. Realistically wanting to stick to a 10k and under budget, unless I could find a really nice e36 M3/4/5. Wanting to stick with 4 doors as me and my wife are planning on trying for a baby soon, but would still like something fun for my car as we already have new Camry for her. I plan on paying cash and am not in a huge rush to get anything, availability seems to be my issue. I really would like to find a clean e36 sedan stick car, but seems to be impossible to find in my general area, usually have to click 500 miles away option on auto tempest yo turn up anything. This is why I have been looking into e90s, they seem more plentiful around here especially in a stick car. I have only drove one e90(325i auto) several years ago, would it be a pretty comparable experience as far as maintinence, handling and fun factor? Thank you all in advanced!

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    Copied for input from those who have owned these different 3-Series.

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