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Thread: moderator? different search issue, only shows 1 page?

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    moderator? different search issue, only shows 1 page?

    I sent a question to the Forum Software last year about a horn search that shows multiple pages of results but I could only view the 1st page. At that time I received this answer:

    Sorry for the problem. This is an issue with vBulletin 4.x, the software on which the forum runs. We prefer that members do a search before asking and appreciate that you have, but I'd suggest in this case that you ask in the model specific sub-forum your question.
    I wish a more satisfactory answer was available!

    I assume it still stands? I ran a search for diverter and it says 2 pages but I can only see page 1. Any idea why?

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    Use the Advanced Search - you will then have the option to search for all posts rather than recent posts. A search for 'diverter' shows at least 8 pages of results all of which are accessible.
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    The advanced search works for me, when I use the advanced search for diverter, I get 10 pages with threads.
    When I reduce the search for E31 forum, there are indeed Results 1 to 22 of 34 , but actually page 2 is not shown.
    So better use the advanced search
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    Ok thanks, thought it might have been a setting that I had inadvertently changed. If the advanced search is restricted to 8 series only I can see one of two pages, which I suppose is better than getting more pages of unrelated results
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