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Thread: BMW Z4 E89 2.0i Top Convertible Problems

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    BMW Z4 E89 2.0i Top Convertible Problems

    Hi I am new to this forum. I own a BMW Z4 E89 2.0i (2013) here in The Republic of Colombia, I will try my best to explain my problem (English not being my first language).

    Recently I am not able to bring the roof top down. The following events occurred in order:

    1. Top would get suck half way at times and not fully go down
    2. I had the car battery change, I had to jump start my car before changing the battery.
    3. The button #2 to open the retractable hardtop keeps blinking (LED is always red) and it beeps when I press it (as if the cargo area partition wasn't down)
    4. Every time I get past 40km the whole car starts beeping as if the button to bring the top down was being pressed by someone.

    I have my User Manual in Spanish so I tried to look for it online in English, this is basically my error:

    If the red LED lights up when the switch is pressed, the cargo area partition is folded up, the trunk lid is not closed, the vehicle is standing on a strong incline or there is a malfunction. The retractable hardtop cannot be moved.

    So you guys can imagine how annoying is to drive with that beeping sound and not able to make my car convertible again.

    Some of you may say why not just take it to the shop, but I had the worse experience with AutoGermana (BWM shop) here in Colombia, where I had my car act up on me. They told me it was the ECU which cost about $4,000 USD. Turns out all I needed was to replace a tyre and everything went back to normal. So they tried to robbed me $4k and hence the reason to not ever trust them again.

    Here in Colombia you can only take this type of car to the dealer, nobody would touch this type of expensive/luxurious cars.

    I decided to ask here maybe someone can help and let me know if the damage can be expensive if I decide to bring it to the shop again I want to be prepared and let them know I am no idiot that they can just take my money away.
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    top convertible roof problems

    I cant help Im afraid but if you have no success on this forum try the UK Z4 owners forum E89 section, there has been a lot of people helped with roof problems.

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    2 sensors come to mind. You have a hall sensor that detects the lid is closed in the trunk. And sensor that detects the angle of the car. Google them and you should get some troubleshooting instructions.


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