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Thread: 2016 228i test drive issue

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    2016 228i test drive issue

    We are looking at getting 2016 228i. I test drove two convertibles this morning. The first was a basic model, gray w/blk interior, 31K miles.
    The second was copper w/white interior, and had a number of extra options, 20K miles. It was otherwise same engine. Both automatic. Both had previous accidents.

    The first one had "hit maintenance equipment on the left side". They had a report that showed one panel replacement, plus refinishing a panel and bumpers.

    The second one was in an accident that involved the right front and part of rear bumper. Likely a rear end collision with a third car also hitting it in the back bumper. Again, a panel replaced, bumpers resurfaced, panels refinished. No airbags released in either case, and the report showed no structural damage.

    Here's the catch: The first car drove like it was on rails, and the response was quick and firm. The second seemed a bit mushy in it's response, and seemed to steer much looser. I'm concerned that there may be problems with the front suspension, but no idea why the general driving feel and response would seem noticeably different to me. I mentioned this to the sales guy who rode along in the second one, and he said it was probably due to the driving mode. But switching between Eco, Comfort and Sport seemed to make no difference. Drove these cars less than an hour apart.

    Anyone have any advice on this? The driving difference mystifies me except for the steering which I am concerned may mean front suspension out of kilter.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I own a 2015 228i, no accidents, 45k miles. I would be careful of the second car you test drove. The response of a 228i shouldn't be 'mushy'; in my experience it is very responsive, similar to how you described the first car.


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