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Thread: Passenger Side Mirror

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    Passenger Side Mirror

    My wife was backing the 2018 5.40i into the garage and knocked the passenger side mirror off and it is dangling by the wires. I haven't seen it yet but she said she was able to attach it back on but she thinks it needs something to make it stay. Does anyone know about this before I see it? I would like to come prepared to fix it, if it's possible. Is it repairable without buying an entirely new mirror? Thanks

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    Without a picture of the damage...I don't see how anyone could take a guess as to if it is an easy fix or not. We no clue how much damage was done or where it came apart or what was stuck back onto the car.

    You can see the diagram below (also didn't know if you have the reg mirror or the folding I went with the reg mirror):

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    The mirrors are one piece, and if she broke it off, it absolutely needs to be replaced.
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