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Thread: Best coilovers to slam/ stance/ dump my Z3

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    Best coilovers to slam/ stance/ dump my Z3

    What coilovers offer the greatest drop on these cars without sacrificing ride quality? I've searched for hours to get an idea of what people are running to dump and stance their Z3s but the people that have successfully done it static, keep tight lips about their setup. I'm currently looking at the BC Racing BR Extreme Lows, but it seems that nobody is running them on their Z3. Any new and fresh input on this topic would be great. I'm running BBS CH wheels 18x 8.5 all the way around.

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    bc shits are the cheapest coils i'd be willing to throw on a sub 2k car , with that fcp warranty to boot. Why not?

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    Conversely, does anyone know what it would take to lift a Z3?

    I have a junked but strong reliable 2000 2.3 that look hideous and instead of restoring I want to convert it into a offroad kidding and wheeling rig. The lift components Are where I’m running into a problem. Should I try to find control arms and steering components from an X5? My struts and springs are shot but instead of buying coil overs and adjusting the ride height I was thinking of a small truck lift kit... how would I even delve into prospecting the right vehicle for fiitment?

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    This thread is hilarious, I'm seriously speechless and don't know what to think...

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    Best coilovers to slam/ stance/ dump my Z3

    Just follow this simple guide and your car will be just the way you want it:


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