I have been struggling to get an issue fixed on my 2011 e92 m3. Iím getting a service engine soon and when I pull the code I get 27CE. It seems that at idle the DME/EKP wants to run the fuel pressure at 3 bar /43 PSI but when you look at the live data it looks like itís around low 50s and keeps creeping up. Eventually (few minutes) it seems that the car detects that it cannot meet set point and goes into an emergency mode and runs at 6 bar. I took it to BMW and they changed EKP module and fuel pressure sensor with no luck. Right before I started having this issue I had throttle actuators changed and unfortunately immediately after that, the footwell module failed so I had that swapped too (under warranty thankfully). My gut is telling me that something was missed when having to program the car during the footwell swap or throttle actuator job but not sure since BMW seems confident that itís not the case. I have a turner cat delete tune so BMW didnít want to work on my car anymore without me spending a lot of money to swap parts that didnít make sense. Iím trying to troubleshoot the problem so I bought an ICOM cable and used ISTA-D and noticed that the EKP module did not show up on the Module tree so Iím wondering if that could point to an issue. I also read somewhere that to program the EKP you might need to use NCS-expert so maybe thatís why Iím not seeing it in ISTA. Truly hitting a road block and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks in advance!