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Thread: Custom Brake Pipe line replacement, thoughts

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    Custom Brake Pipe line replacement, thoughts

    Ok, so I have an '86 535is, spent a lot of time on salty roads years ago. I have numerous corrosion spots on the brake lines, the actual steel pipes I mean, I just did a full line replacement on an E30, ChaseBays makes them.

    Does anyone know of a company making full line replacement sets for the E28?

    Planning to do a full hydraulic system replacement, pedal to pads and everything in between for my uncle's car.

    I'm a BMW mechanic so I have done just about everything on the car over the years, but its needing its next set of everything now. Really needs to be taken off the road and fully restored, but unless I loan him my M2 for a year he would get too antsy. haha
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    Unless your parts dept can order these I'd fab my own.
    even if somebody does reproduce these the shipping costs will be enormous unless they wind it up in a spool which rather defeats the purpose of a pre-bent line.
    Lousy job, have fun.

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