We need MINI owners.
Hi folks. Paul ,BimmerForum and current E39 owner (past e30 M3, and e46 owner), here letting you know of a market search study for 2014 and up 5 series, Mini and X1 owners..
I work for a market research company and we are trusted with these blind studies from major companies. This pays $200 upon completion of a 45 minute online survey along with an online community group for twenty minutes for 3 days. We are looking for select owners/leases of the above cars.

Since all of you Bimmerform/Mini members are well versed and internet savvy this is a perfect way to express your opinions about your favorite vehicle and get $200 for your time. The info from this is totally private and protected. I cannot devulge who our client is so don't ask. If you want to make a difference in BMW and Mini development your voice will definitely be heard here.

If you want to participate please call my office at Opinions LTD 440-836-5755 and say you're calling about the car study. We are on east coast time. You will be screened (about 10-15 minutes) and if you meet the criteria you will be invited to participate.

Thank you, Paul