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Thread: Preventives for N55

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    Preventives for N55

    As a 2015 M235i owner, I just wanted to see what others can recommend for a preventive swap out for new parts so that I don't need to be negatively surprised.
    Which part in the N55/F80 would you put as high priority to replace if the car is above 40K miles?

    I have replaced:
    - all brake pads
    - front rotors
    - going to replace front hub assembly + bearings this weekend.

    Are the VANOS seals as troublesome as the M54B30 where a new replacement is recommended after 40K miles ?
    Please chime in.

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    are slow.
    Oil and filter change every 7k miles instead of the normal 15k miles. BMW is crazy for saying 15k is the interval.

    Are you auto or manual? Would be wise to change the transmission fluid at 40-50k miles.
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    The fluid and filter should be changed every 50k miles. Btw, changing the fluid really changes about 60% of the fluid as the remaining fluid is in the torque converter.

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