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Thread: Replaced Fuel Pump- Do I need a New Filter?

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    Replaced Fuel Pump- Do I need a New Filter?

    So I recently picked up an 04 325i and while driving at a steady speed the car bogs down and died. I had to get the car towed and apparently the fuel pump just died on me while driving. I ordered a new pump and replaced it and the car is now running again. Does the pump usually go because of increasing back pressure from the filter or does it kind of die after a certain amount of time regardless of the condition of the filter?

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    From my experience, they just die with age. However, the fuel filter should be replaced as part of routine maintenance. If it's never been replaced before, then I would highly recommend doing it. Just don't mix up the lines. There's two on the back of the filter.
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    If the filter is over 60k miles old replace it. You can diagnose, but it is a good maintenance item.

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    Make sure you buy a fuel filter made by either Mahle or Keyser. Both supply filters to BMW. Do not buy a cheap aftermarket fuel filter as the fuel filter gas the fuel pressure regulator.

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    Definitely replace the filter.

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