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Thread: Anyone on the North Shore/Boston area have a e38/39 DSP amplifier I can test?

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    Anyone on the North Shore/Boston area have a e38/39 DSP amplifier I can test?

    Hi All,

    I have been struggling with an audio issue for a few years now with my '03 540i with DSP and Nav. The car has all factory components, but I get a static "hiss" whenever the radio is powered. I've disconnected pins 1-8 on the new-gen RAD connector with no change (Radio to AMP outputs), so I know it's not the pre-amp. The noise is directly correlated to the 12v ANT wire (signal to turn the AMP on), so I figure it's the amplifier going bad. I've even purchased the radio out of a 2010 X3 w/ the MK4 nav to be sure it wasn't the BM53 failing. That newer one is better as when the radio is off, the amp is off and no hiss is present (not so with the older BMs that are always powered on).

    Would anyone on the nearby be willing to stop by and let me try plugging their amp into my car? I can provide a case of beer, or whatever would make it worth it for you. I'm in the Malden/Medford area right off of the Fellsway. I can also travel to you.

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    BMW GT1 (INPA, DIS, WinKFP, ect..), ISTA/P & /D is up and running! PM me if you want to stop by and code your car.

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