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    2019 X5 key not detected

    March 2019 I got my new X5 and frequently the car won't start with the key in my pocket.
    It has happened first thing in the morning, but also after work when I drive home.
    The car asks me to hold the key next to the steering column and it eventually works after several tries.
    Dealer changed battery but says they could never get the problem to happen there.
    They also did a factory-recommended module replacement last week, but they didn't think it had anything to do with the problem.

    Anyone else having a similar problem?

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    What module did they replace? The vehicle is under warranty. They're going to have to fix it. I am a dealer tech, and totally understand not being able to duplicate a problem. But if it happens regularly, then they need to work with BMW to figure out what to replace.

    I had a 2018 X5 with the same issue. I had a fault code for the receiver antenna thing in the hatch. I replaced it, and fixed it. I did however, have a fault code indicating an issue with that part.
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