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Thread: E46 V10 S85 SMG (E60 Powertrain)

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    E46 V10 S85 SMG (E60 Powertrain)

    Hello everybody,

    with an E46 V10 S85 (Hartge conversion) I have the following problem:

    The battery discharges consistently by a much too high quiescent current, as some controllers do not fall asleep. Quiescent current I measured with a multimeter after about 12 hours in the closed state. Value is around 770mA.
    After I have sent the PowerDown command via ISTA, the quiescent current has slipped to the desired value after about 12 hours (0.03 - 0.04A) which roughly corresponds to 35mA.
    After this process I measure since then after 12 hours completed quiescent currents around the 120 - 180mA.
    Since then PowerDown command started the engine sometimes.
    The fact is that no IBS is installed and the electrical system is not monitored.
    Furthermore, the following ECUs are installed in the vehicle: E60 (DME, SMG, DSC, SZL, KGM, CAS, COMBI, BZM)
    The vehicle is completed normally via the remote control key.

    Now my questions:

    Does the IBS have to be installed so that all E60 control units fall into deep sleep?

    Is it possible to simulate the PowerDown command or trigger it during the closing process?

    When do all controllers fall into deep sleep?

    This situation was solved unsightly by a KillSwitch in the trunk, which is definitely not worthy of the vehicle.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Any experts out there?

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