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Thread: Need advise on this '08 X3 - Looking to purchase

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    Need advice on this '08 X3 - Looking to purchase

    Hey guys, we've been shopping around and searching A LOT for a good X3 for my brother to commute to work during the week. Car is a 3 owner per carfax and reported 97k miles. New tires, brakes. Body is in ok shape, typical scratches here and there. The sunroof shade does work but the sunroof does not. I assume it's the motor which I can replace.

    We were able to get the price down to $6500 but wanted your input on these codes pulled from PA soft. I was able to clear the other modules no issues but the owner didn't want the other modules cleared fearing anyone else looking at the car might see that they were cleared and that it might trigger a light to come on. No warning lights whatsoever on the dash. The car did drive good but I think either the front struts or the control arms/bushings will need replacement.

    IKE reads 97k miles which is on the cluster and carfax but the LCM reads 90k miles which I think is from the error code under the IKE module.

    Are the codes from the SRS system ones that just accumulate over time? Is that airbag lamp hard fault code an issue? The light did come on when I was reading the module which is normal so the bulb does work for the SRS. Other codes I'm real curious about are the clutch gearbox-ecu clutch open (5F3A), under the transfer case module there are break mechanics (5463) and no CAN messages DSC1 (55C4) and for the IKE module data-filing difference to LCM (most likely the mileage gap) and the airbag lamp (20[032])

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    you may find these to be of some help.
    The e83 is a robust car like any other BMW it demands its attention!
    Soon it will call for underbody fluid changes, actuator gear replacement, mostlikely a new correct battery (group #49), yes control arms bushings, maybe the drive dogs for the rear windows, best to change the fuel pump and finally my favorite replacement of the braided ground straps (especially if the car resides in a cold harsh climate region of the country) well that's nuff from me...good luck on your decision

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    I would get a prenup purchase inspection. Don't assume anything about the sunroof, it's all plastic parts. If it's closed then don't open it because if it is a bad cassette your going to spend some money on that repair

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