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Thread: Dad thinking about buying a 240i. What about the B58 ?

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    Dad thinking about buying a 240i. What about the B58 ?

    He is planning to buy a M240i, not a 240i, just for fun. He is retired, so, doesnt need much praticality. But what worries me is the engine

    Is it reliable ? Why the toyota fans keep shitting on it ? Should I say to my dad to look for other bimmer ?
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    The B58 engine is relatively new so I’m sure that there a few owners who’ve had an issue with it. I own a 2018 M240i which I have tracked 3x. He’s a beast on the track! Like all turbocharged engines it’s critical that you keep the oil fresh as the turbo is lubed by the engine oil. That means an oil and filter change at 6000 miles using an oil with the “SN” America Petroleum Association (API) designation. I use LiquiMoly 5w30 Tech 4200 (I buy it on Amazon) oil and a dealer filter. Also, having a turbo means allowing the engine to coil down before shutting the engine off. This is especially critical when tracking the car.

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