Guys, the time has come to part with my special E32, a 1992 750iL Highline & shadowline (11/1991 build). It's in great shape, maintained with the help of the E32 community here, and would be a good collector car, as well as a good driver. Everything on it works, except for the traction control (ASC), which I think is due to the control module. All the special highline stuff works: the fridge, the phone, the rear seat control console, the rear A/C, the EDC & SLS, the sunshades, etc. It's 100% stock except for the rear muffler, which you can easily swap back to stock if you wish. Also, the mouldings have been color-matched with the car.

The car is located in Bulgaria, but it's a German-market car (apparently those have 4-piston front calipers, unlike the regular 750iL?). I can assist with shipping within Europe or to US/Canada if necessary (but if you're in Europe, just come pick it up and drive it home, it's a great road-trip car). I bought it 4 years ago and have driven it about 20k km since then. Never left me stranded on the road Very comfortable and fun to drive, keeping your sodas (and beers for your passengers) cold in the fridge.

More info in my ad on

I've listed it at 17999 EUR but I can be a bit flexible for a fellow bf.c member.

I figured I'd post this in the E32 section (and not local classifieds) since it's a rare and special car for the E32 community.