I recently had to take my 2012 X5 diesel in for the passenger-side airbag recall. The morning after the service was done, I could not make a call or listen to anything coming off of my iPhone. Everything worked prior to the service, but it now will not play anything until I have a chance to run the heat for a little while. Now that it is getting warmer here in northern Vermont, the issue goes away a bit quicker. On really cold days, I cannot hear anything, but as it warms up, there is a lot of static until it finally gets warm enough that the static goes away.

I went back to my dealer to explain this, but they said that it must be my phone. The phone is a brand new iPhone X and I had used the phone for several months prior to this. It has to be something that they did during the airbag replacement, right? So my question is, what is the connection between the commbox and the stereo? I need to bring it in for service soon and want to explain to them what they need to do. They seem to be unwilling to take the blame for this and I need to figure out how they may have caused this issue.

Thanks for your help.