Guys, please let me show you our latest release - custom shift&ebrake boots and armrest cover for current BMW 2, 3 and 4 series

And of course this M-style stitching is available for ALL BIMMERS, not only those pictured So I can't wait to see you guys have your custom interior upgrades done with this type of criss-cross stitching! It does not have to be the legendary 3-tone ///M stitching - we'll be happy to make it for you in whatever colours you want

And now THE BEST PART: we'll gladly REFUND YOU 50% of the price you paid if you order this type of stitching (M-stitch v.5 on our order page) upon your posting pics of our products installed in Your Miata here on this forum with links to our website :thumbs:

Just let us know what you fancy and we'll make it happen!

Take care

RedlineGoods Team