I must first open by saying this is not for a G30. I'm purchasing a brand new 2020 X3M Competition, which is set to arrive in Sept of this year.

After CONSIDERABLE research, I've learned that it will use the same msport brakes as a G30 5-series.

I'm sure the brakes will perform just fine, but admittedly, I'm not crazy about the single-piston floating rear calipers.

It's purely for aesthetic reasons, but after researching bbk options for a G30, even BMW's own m-performance bbk comes with the same single-piston design.

I don't necessarily need larger rotors, and the front calipers (sealed 4-piston) are perfectly fine. I'd like to find a sealed (2-piston perhaps?) rear caliper that will fit.

Available options?
Possible retrofits?

Anyone have any definitive info on this?

Thanks in advance!