I recently downloaded BimmerGeeks ProTool and it has the full NCS expert coding incorporated. I have found all the modules related to break force display but the problem is, it's still all in german. Anybody here good with NCS expert? Im trying to understand exactly what all of them mean/do. Ive searched around a lot of forums and think I have a decent understanding of what I need to activate but still have some questions. With the different FRM modules and people trying to do different things, its very hard to follow the old posts.

Apparently, our cars have 3 levels of braking.
0- normal breaking
1- heavy braking: additional brake lights light up
2- very heavy braking/abs kicks in: coded off for US spec cars.

What I would like to do is leave normal braking the same, add a blinking 3rd tail light to level 1 and turn on level 2 so that brake force lights illuminate and all 3 brake lights blink.

All the modules are attached to certain light elements.
BL- normal brake lamp
BL_M- 3rd brake lamp
NSL- rear fogs

Does anyone know what the SL_1 &2 lights are? I know it stand for standing lights but Im not sure which part of the tail light that is on our cars. Or does SL refer to side lamp, #4 shown here? Which one is the fog light?

Anyone have a TRC file from your coded car or even a stock Euro Spec car that could show me the way?