2005 x5 e53 4.4i with n62 engine.

I need a cable and software , please someone point me in the right direction.

I have a vag-com for Audi/VW use, but I doubt that will work on my sons bmw, I know the software certainly wonít.

I need to recode the transfer case after doing a fluid swap... the local shop decided to be a dick after I told them what I needed and set an appointment, when I arrived they decided they would only recode if they did the service, even though I was willing to pay them. My son and I also did both differentials, transmission pan cleaning, new filter, and 4x fluid drain & fill.

Now I also need to scan for errors and apparently recode the vvt motors as I just completed doing the valve cover gaskets and spark plugs. Unfortunately now I have rough idle and looks like STILL a leaking valve cover. Iím so frustrated and pissed right now! The tabs broke off an eccentric sensor. I used some plastic weld to repair, but with it idling like crap I donít know if that is the issue, the recode for the Valvetronic motor (pelican parts guide says you have to recode), or something else.

Anyone able to help?