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Thread: Suspension repair question

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    Suspension repair question

    I tried a quick search, but didn't see what I am looking for. If I missed something feel free to just show the link.

    We have a 2014 X3 28i X-drive with 90,000 miles. One of the front suspension bushings is "tearing". I need some guidance on the repair:

    Is it better to replace the bushing, or buy the link with the bushing installed?
    What brand(s) should I look for?
    How likely is it that if one is going that is all that needs to be replaced?
    Assuming it is likely more parts are wearing, how proactive should I be? What other parts should we replace?


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    Depends on if you have a press and can press them in yourself. If not, just get the link. OEM is good (usually Lemfoerder) but some aftermarket brands are ok as well. If these are the tension struts youre referring to, I'd replace both. Most likey the other side isnt far behind.

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