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Thread: Avid.1 - 16x8 Questions on tires and fender mods needed?

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    Avid.1 - 16x8 Questions on tires and fender mods needed?

    Looking for input and advise on the following wheel fitment, recommended tires and size, and possible fender mods needed? Here are all the details, let me know if it sounds right.

    1989 325i Sedan (E30) Factory Suspension - Plan on running it this way for a while but also plan on upgrading to coilovers in the future. I do not have a brand picked out just yet. Once settled, I will be doing a max drop of 1.5" all around. (suggestions for suspension are appreciated as this may change fitment of wheels)

    Own a set of Silver Avid.1 - AV19's they are spec'd at 16x8 ET25 4x100 w/ a center bore of 73.1mm

    Thinking of running a 205/45/16 - (Recommendations here also appreciated)

    Was told by a tire shop that I may need a 5mm spacer for fitment to clear the strut (this makes since, maybe a 3mm or so in reality.)

    If I am going to get spacers, I would prefer Hubcentric 15mm that are lipped to also accommodate the 57.1mm to 73.1mm Center Bore adapter for proper fitment and stability all around when mounted. This in turn will make the offset +10. This will also require 40mm shank extended Lug Bolts, instead of the 28mm factory ones..

    I am afraid the wheel and tire combo (16x8 w/ 205/45/16) will not clear the fenders with the 15mm spacers without heavy rolling. I will consider a small stretch for fitment if necessary to run the 15mm spacers but do not want to if I can avoid it.

    Any ideas before I buy the rubber and slap it together? Looking to order tires soon and 205/45/16 seems to be the look I am gunning for. Any Tire suggestions in that size.

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    May 2019
    Centennial, CO
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    1989 BMW 325i
    Ok, update. After digging, and reading, and reading, and digging, and reading... it sound like the best fitment for my wheels (16x8 et25) is to run 8mm spacer up front and a 15mm spacer in the rear.

    I have a fender roller so not to worried if I need it, but I think that should fit perfect without rubbing or fender mods at all.

    Also deciding between these three tires. Thanx to Jim at tire rack for helping here. Tire choices are all 205/45/16 - Mich. Extreme Contact DWS06 / Bridgestone RE71R / Toyo Proxes R888R Keep in mind I am stock suspension as of now and only planning a drop of 1.5" all around using coilovers in the future.

    Any help/ knowledge of the set up above, and what might be needed modded is helpful; otherwise I am banking on my experience with fitment to be correct.

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