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Thread: JMGarage Flasher Errors (Kernell32.dll - entry point not found)

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    JMGarage Flasher Errors (Kernell32.dll - entry point not found)

    Hey guys, so im having a lot of trouble gyetting JMGarage to work on my VMWare Fusion (Windows XP SP3), Ive tried on 3 windows xp laptops, as well as my macbook with vmware and every time i get the same error:

    "JMGarageFlasher.exe - Entry Point Not Found"
    "The procedure entry point CancelIoEX could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

    Ive spend the last 6 hours trying to figure out what it is and everything I do does not seem to help it
    Perhaps an older version of JMGarage? I cant seem to find the download link to any older versions however

    Please any advice will help - surely im not the only one experiencing this error!
    I have got INPA etc to all work perfectly!


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    Why not try a bit more modern OS like Win7? INPA and all works on all of the new ones.

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