I have a BMW e87 2007 1.6 petrol. I have recently jacked up my car to change break discs, pads and break pad sensors. I managed to do them all except sensors cuz they were not delivered on time. so I changed disc and pads and the car was running fine until I did the sensor later on. while doing the rear sensor on the near rear side, the car dropped of the jack and hit the pavement. I managed to lift it and get everything in place. but when I tried to run the engine it cranks but wont start.
I have done the following steps but got stuck at some point where I think help is needed:
1- checked battery cables, fuel lines underneath the car, and fuel tank. all not damaged and tank is half full.

2-called mobile electrician to check for faults, he installed a battery because the existing one has a almost died and run a scan using a computer tool. no faults or codes or anything suspicious. he also checked power to low pressure pump and is okay. he suspected the fuel pump itself. he also checked the engine speed while cranking and said there is no mechanical issue

3- I took out the fuel pump and regulator that are located under the passenger rear seat, I tested the assembly using external spare battery. they discharge fuel with pressure 3.5 bar.

4- I checked the spark using a spark tester and the engine has a spark.

I dont know what else can be checked. any help, advice or information will be appreciated.