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Thread: Wagon Parts Score

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    Wagon Parts Score

    The local self serve junk yard sent me an email saying they had a 1999 528i wagon come in, same color interior and everything.
    It took me a week to have the time to go out to the yard, in which time someone removed the entire hatch, including the interior trim that I wanted. Bummer. They took the sliding rear tray as well. Double bummer.

    I did manage to get a few other wagon specific bits. The windshield washer arm, the inner tail lights.
    AND side shades for the rear door windows.
    The door cards aren't perfect but are good.
    I wanted the front and rear seats since mine are severely cracked and the side bolster on the drivers seat is worn all the way through.
    But with out power I can't move the front seat to access the bolts and someone bent the frame of the rear seat removing it.
    I may come back with a jump box to put power to the car to move the seat and so I can drop the rear windows enough to remove them and get the fixed rear door windows out too.

    Wish me luck.

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    I usually snip the seat power wires and plug them into my impact battery to move the seats

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