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Thread: Question about ZKE codes

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    Question about ZKE codes

    Hey guys, on my 04 3.0, I'm getting the following recurring codes for the jam protection on all four windows. One of the regulators is brand new (RR), and all four windows have been reinitialized. The one-touch function works on all four, the pinch protection also works on all four. When I clear these codes they immediately come back. Where can I begin my diagnosis?

    10 RR jam protection open circuit
    0D LF jam protection open circuit
    0E RF jam protection open circuit
    0F LR jam protection open circuit
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    Heres what it sounds like to me...some codes are "hard codes" usually airbag codes from my expirence... the hard code will act as you describe (you've done the work, you've made the corrections) only a BMW dealership diagnostic machine can clear these type codes from deep in the cars ECU memory... others can expound...I hope I'm wrong in your case.

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