Owned American all my life and mostly muscle. Getting a little older and now interested in something more refined. Caddy CTS-V, Audi A7(upgrade ecu for more power) or S7 and M6 Grand Coupe - (2014 - 2015) are my options. The look of the M6 Grand Coupe beats them all, but I know that comes with its trade offs. So this is why I am on this forum looking to get the known issues to look out for when purchasing a used M6 Grand Coupe. Things like how many miles even its well maintained do certain things start to break so I should prepare to fix in advance. Any specific manufacturer errors in the car. For example one of my past cars had a known issue for a particular noise coming from the driveshaft when you brake and another car had an issue where it sounded like a marble would fall into a tin can when going over certain bumps.

Whatever you guys can tell me will help. In the meantime I will be lurking through the threads over the next several months on this site and the other options to help me pull the trigger in the fall after I give one of my sons one of my cars.