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Thread: E60 545i / Android multimedia

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    E60 545i / Android multimedia

    Hi everybody !

    First of all, I'm Yann, 28 and I'm living in Switzerland, I just registered here today ! Maybe my English is not so good but it will be OK

    I have a 2004 BMW 545i E60 Sedan and like a lot of E60/61 (and others BMW of this period), I have some issues with my Multimedia system (CCC / MPM, who know?). It doesn't always start, Sometimes it runs perfectly and some other times the system try to start forever but without success.. (BMW logo, black screen, BMW logo, black screen and so on...) Of course when the car do this, I don't have the sound too (Belt alert, ... )

    First I tought that the problem was maybe the MPM (common problem), but I open it and it is really nice, like new ! The soldered connection seems to be very nice too. I change the CCC with my father's one (530xd E61, without MPM so I could not make the exchange to test it) and it worked waaaay much better.

    I have to say that normally I have not so much problems in Winter, because of the temperature I think (soldered connections..) but in sommer it is really.. like half the time ! Really annoying with the ACC and sometimes the Dynamic drive that fail too..

    I'm pretty sure that the multimedia system (CCC) need to be replaced, but I was wondering if maybe one of you have other ideas ?

    I write this post to ask this: If i buy an Android 8.1 touchscreen to replace my multimedia system, does the CCC need to work perfectly ? All the cables are passing trought the CCC so I was thinking that maybe the Android system will have some issues too.. ?

    Thanks for your answers !


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    Have a look at this thread I responded to a day or so previously

    Lots of owners will update using the later OEM 'CIC' modules. I'd personally say to steer clear of the chinese android type products, but you might want to give them a go.

    Cheers, Dennis!

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    Thanks for your reply.

    After a few diagnostic, it seems to be my CCC..

    The CIC retrofit is quite expensive (bought the car for a great price, I think that for the price of a CIC retrofit, I prefer to change car) that's why I was thinking to fit a Android one.

    Does anyone know if it can work ? I mean if my CCC are completely dead. Because the electrical wiring pass through the CCC and then go to the Android computer (behind the screen)
    Or will I only loose the Idrive roll-button ?

    Thanks in advance

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