Mainly looking here for an outdoor car cover for my 99 Z3 COUPE. Anyone have one they don't want anymore? I've got an indoor cover for possible partial trade if desired.

Also finally having nice enough weather to start some overdue maintenance on my car. Had a check engine light that gave these codes.
P0125 Insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop fuel control
P0188 Manufacturer controlled Fuel air metering
P0189 Manufacturer controlled Fuel air metering
Might be as simple as bleeding the cooling system but since she just turned 150 miles, thought it would be a good time to do T-stat & alum housing, water pump, fan, rad hoses & belts. (Not doing the fan delete)

Also have a burning oil smell when climbing steep hills. Thinking it may be time for valve cover gasket as well while I'm in there digging around.

Soooo....before I put an order in for all this stuff I thought I'd ask if anyone has any of the above mentioned parts for sale that they bought, ended up not using and want to get rid of.

Must fit '99 2.8 liter (I believe M52TU is the engine designation)