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Thread: Annoying noise when turning Please help me to find a way to fix this :)

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    Annoying noise when turning Please help me to find a way to fix this :)

    Yeah so my e60 530d 2005 started making this noise by turning steering wheel when car is moving on low speeds like on a parking lot. When car is stationary steering is not making any noise At all.

    I have a link to youtube which is shot from my car:

    You can hear the clicking sound At 23/30/33-39 seconds in video.

    Noise seems to be coming from straigh behind steering wheel or somewhere in that area. Its sound like that something like steering lock clicks or something moves behind the wheel.

    It is very annoying listening to this in a quiet car.

    I have changed inner and outer tie rods, front struts and strut mounts, checked steering shaft upper and lower and lubricated them, there is no play At steering rack, ive taken steering wheel off and everything looks ok behind that.

    What should i inspect next? Are here anyone who have had same problem?

    Sorry for my bad english and greetings from Finland

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    My car made weird noises when it was low on power steering fluid. I added fluid and cranked the wheel all the way left and right with the power steering fluid lid off (gets rid of air?) and the noises went away and have not returned.

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