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Thread: New X5 delivered with almost 400 miles on it

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    New X5 delivered with almost 400 miles on it


    I recently ordered a 2019 X5 direct from the factory from a local dealership. The dealership I ordered the SUV from is about 70 miles from my home, so for convenience purposes they drove it down to me and completed the sales paperwork at my home.

    I was told the X5 arrived here in Colorado last Wednesday, and they delivered the car to me the following Wednesday. When I got in it Thursday morning after delivery I noticed it has close to 400 miles on it. I know it's an odd thing to post about, but I thought I was getting a new vehicle, and it should really have maybe 100 miles on it max. Should I say something to the dealership? I put down a non-refundable $2500 deposit to build it, so it was never intended to be test driven by anyone else, or used as a demo. It just seems strange to pay for a new car that is delivered straight from the factory with that many miles on it. I wondered if anyone knows why a factory direct BMW might arrive with that many miles on it?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Does the x have gps? Maybe the drive got lost! /s
    That does sound like someone at the dealer took it on a trip or a series of rides. Youíre first step is to ask the dealer. Btw, does the paperwork reflect the mileage as delivered? It needs to as the warranty is for a specific number of miles from delivery, with the starting mileage on the sales paperwork.
    If the dealer gives you the runaround your next step is to contact BMW NA. Itís located in New Jersey. Be polite but firm.

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    Maybe the dealer used it as a demo for a week or two.

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    I bought a CPO from Schomp and between me putting down a deposit while they were getting it in for reconditioning and me picking it up (3-4 days later) it had somehow accumulated 1,000 miles. No idea how someone drove that much over the weekend anyway.

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