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Thread: Place to re-dye leather in Dallas area

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    Place to re-dye leather in Dallas area

    Looking for a place that might be able to accurately re-dye the bolster on a Magma interior. Anyone know of a place in the DFW area?
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    Just so you're aware, they do sell a kit do to it yourself if you wanted to save a few bucks:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hova View Post
    Just so you're aware, they do sell a kit do to it yourself if you wanted to save a few bucks:
    I emailed them last month and they said they will not make Magma dye anymore, only what is on their charts. I did find this company; and someone sent them a piece of Magma leather and they matched it, color code EL 087.
    I am having my driver's seat repaired with used but good pieces of Magma on Wednesday and will re-dye it myself. I sent Leather World tech another email, when they reply I will order a kit from them.
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    Furniture clinic will match the paint on your leather if you send them a small sample. They're the best online retailer for leather paint that I've found.
    They offer actual base coat/pigment and a satin top clear coat, just like how our factory leather was painted.

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