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Thread: S54 oil cooler

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    S54 oil cooler

    As i allready posted here, im swapping my z3 1.8 into s54.
    Now, my mechanic recommended the mishimoto oil cooler kit for s54 that comes with an an 10 connectors, lines etc...
    Unfortunately that kit cost a lil fortune...
    Can u recommend anything else that is reliable from your experience? Im looking to buy new parts.
    Thanks alot.

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    I'd get the OE Z3 S54 radiator, oil cooler, and lines -
    S54 swap DME flashing - $100
    S54 swap CAN interface board (for proper A/C & check engine light) - $275
    e36 SAP sim/secondary air pump simulator:
    $75 - standard or $170 - plug & play
    e36 post-cat O2 sims: $115 shipped, plug & play

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    Its a z3 97'
    Anyone with other reccomendations?
    Id rather buy something better than OEM parts.
    Is there something good in a reasonable price?

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    get a Turner S54 oil cooler AN adapter, buy fittings and lines from summit (about $100) and buy a 16 or 19 row plated oil cooler with -10 inlets. everything will cost under $300. you can mount the universal oil cooler right up top on the core support. Been done a million times.

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