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Thread: For sale 2002 BMW 325i sedan

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    2002 BMW 325i sedan

    For sale PA $1000 2002 BMW 325i sedan

    E05861D8-3DCA-4D06-9A92-77AF889965CB.jpgDE9CCAA5-5CC8-446D-AAE4-54F7217B3EDC.jpg780DB397-E4AA-47F8-98EC-E77D98F375CE.jpgF8810878-82AA-408F-9363-6E51F3036793.jpgC47605AA-ED6D-4DFF-A472-52437FD1EB87.jpg 220, 149 miles As is, uninspected due to check engine light, recent problem with backfiring and rough idle, new tires, good interior and exterior maintenance and repair records available, front end only missing grills due to small dink minor electrical issues with one turn signal location on outside of car. Transmission problems resolved with flush of the lines. Car parked off street in Akron PA where I am M-F. Selling because can’t afford to keep up the repairs. Love the car. Please email
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