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Thread: BMW replaced my quiet brakes, new ones are not quiet - 2014 X3 2.8 xdrive

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    BMW replaced my quiet brakes, new ones are not quiet - 2014 X3 2.8 xdrive

    Posted this off topic on a bike forum, and it was suggested I come here. So, Hello

    A BMW dealer replaced all four brakes (rotors and pads) in December last year on my X3 2014 2.8 xdrive. The old brakes worked fine, and never made any noise as you’d probably expect of your ultimate driving machine.

    After the new brakes were installed, given a certain braking scenario just before coming to a stop, a low frequency rumble and vibration can be heard and felt. Sounds like all four, but low frequencies can be hard to peg so I can't be certain.

    Took it to the dealer shortly after the installation and they told me it was a break in period. Fast forward five thousand miles later and the exact noise exists.

    Took it back. Now the dealer claims BMW made a new brake compound, and they told me the solution is to “stop faster”, that they were "designed not to stop slow" and that the noise is functional and the brakes are safe. I have the noise and safety part in writing from the service center. They are correct in that if I stop quickly and throw everyone forward in the car the brakes are quiet.

    Suggestions? Live with it? I contacted bmw corporate and they are conducting an internal review but said they will not contact me further unless they decide to take some sort of action. The dealer has thus far provided zero assistance after multiple attempts to contact and try to resolve.

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    The most common squeak or sequel from brakes is the slow speed stop say to a stop sign then if you kind of jab the pedal the noise will go a way for a while. so if the brake sliding parts are not lived very well that can cause h
    noises also if you washed your wheels a lot spaying them with high pressure that could cause them to wash away the lube. I use 3m pure silicone on the lube points and that stuf will not wash away. I would go to a good independent shop and talk with them about it. The dealer mentality about going the extra mile or what there allowed to to is not so good. Whereas independents are free to do what needs to be done.

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    Just FYI, dealers are free to do what needs to be done, too. And many independent's mentality about going the extra mile sucks. The same types of people can be found at both.

    That being said, it does sound like the brakes just need to be taken apart and put back together "better" ... lubed caliper slide-bolts, making sure the pad retaining spring is replaced, maybe some of the blue anti-squeal sprayed onto the backs of the pads, chamfer the burrs off the edges of the brake pads, etc.
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