Hello guys, wanted to thank all of you for taking the time out to be reading this. This is hopefully what I have been planning and saving for 2 years for.
My name is Glenn, don’t like it so if you guys could reffer to me as anything else other than that I’d be very much appreciated (: Anyways, around 14 my mom had a 04 face lift 325i auto that she trusted me enough in to go to school and back. Eventually it became my car around 17-18. By then I thought I was hot boy and with my driving skills lol. Welded the diff got, coils, tune and ripped around here and there. Really taught me the basic to drifting. But I was always craving more power or a manual swap. But then I totaled it, which put me in a real bad pickle that I’ve just now been able to get off my shoulders, hooning irresponsibily. I’ve been craving to get back in the seat of one so bad ever since so recently I picked up a $500 2002 325i saloon with a blown head gasket. It ran and sounded rather healthy, good body, obviously 2 band window motors, and some simple electrical problems. Lemme not forget all the bushings were shot. She did have her major oil leaks. Like the oil filter housing gasket, power steering lines, rear main, valve cover, and the list goes on. I compression tested it and it wasn’t half bad. I don’t remember the numbers off the top of my head but they were almost all the same just a little lower than OEM spec. Except cylinder 6.. cylinder 6 was reading pretty pretty low. Which scared me knowing these motor are aluminum. I quickly pulled out my timing kit and waited for my next day off. Which lemme tell you, it was painstainkinly long wait. All these possibilities running through my head. Monday came around, I pulled the head, which was extremely filthy. After a couple rounds of degreaser I foundcylinder 6 problem! The dam head was cracked.. ugh freak this put me down. Dam do I resort to plan b or stick to plan A? After some calculator magic and cutting all my hair off from frustration, I quickly realized that no matter what route I take the prices will basically be the same. So PLAN B IT IS!! $50 and call it a night..

jk lol 😂 okay so plan b consist of.
Junkyard 5.3 fully refreshed with corvette intake manifold, TSP/BTR cams, ARP bolts, springs, and heads. Buddy has a lot of extra stuff I Can have so I’ll be saving money on some parts. I’m looking to just have a full bolt on motor that’ll love high rpm.
CX racing motor mounts swap headers and y pipe
transmissions I’m still debating. CD009 or T56 ? Input please???
for the rear end a 8.8 would be ideal since Gforce is making axels for these types of swaps and is relatively cheap to buy. Plus they’re bullet proof for my standards (both diff and axels) they’ll never break.
Every condor speed poly bushing needed for both front and rear.
And still not sure if I would like an angel kit. Tempted to see how it’ll handle
And for fuel I would like to get a fuel cell In the trunk replacing the spare tire location for athstetics but still not sure.
And let me not forget all the reinforcements plates.

And I would ideally like to keep ac but I can’t find a solution. Like a permade bracket for sale. But Ill have to find something because I live in Florida and it’s too dam musty and hot to not have AC.

Im currently in the process of stripping everything. Going to start by getting the motor out once and for all. Pull the trans. The subframes. Then prep the whole underside because OCD ya feel? The whole interior is actually saying in. It’ll be coming out for reholstering but mostly everything will be going back in. I have planned what I’ll be doing to the interior. It’ll be like a revamp but no spoilers yet. If I’m not wrong the interior should always work except my dash with the new motor correct?

Ive always loved e46’s especially the facelift models. My goal has always been to have a dailyable, driftable, street machine with its comforts and 4 seats. But I have kept having obstacles these past years. Was able to save a good amount of money and now I’m ready to purse my dream. Please guys feel free to give me tips, guides, feed back, etc. I know a good amount cars and the compelxtity behind them but I’m always open to learning something new. As always, love you guys, and M on

I have