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Thread: Misfire #4 on 08 328i

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    Misfire #4 on 08 328i

    I have a p034 code. Last fall I changed all plugs and coils because I had the #3 misfire. It didnít help. I unplugged the (device) forget what itís called, in engine bay near driver side so son could drive through winter without the car dying. Now Iím getting the code when plugged back in. Car runs rough and stalls. The CAT light on the OBD is on in red too. I also cleaned the MAF sensor. Please help...

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    I fixed that problem in mine by setting the plug gap to 0.044". No more misfire problems. Use Bosch plugs, not NGK.

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    1. Pull codes with a BMW-capable scanner, not that generic OBD2 toy.
    2. If the misfire is all you have, swap coils between the misfiring cylinder and a good one, and see if the misfire follows.

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