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Thread: E36 LS Swap

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    Thumbs up E36 LS Swap

    Whats up guys, I haven't posted here in a while. Last E36 I had I was having driveshaft problems with my driveshaft ripping out so i got a new driveshaft and made brackets to support it to the chassis due to ripping out the studs for the driveshaft and kept clunking so i sold the car. So once again i got my hands on a steal.
    I picked up a '92 318i about 10 miles from the Oregon border for 400$ Car is damn near immaculate! I will post some pictures below. Car came with a 5 speed and currently looking for someone to buy my old transmission due to me not needing it for my swap. Now its time for the interesting stuff!
    Those are the only pictures I have at the time of the car I will post some interior pictures later when I'm not lazy lol

    So I got my hands on a 5.3 out of a 2002 Sierra with just under 200k on it for 300$ which is a steal for an LS engine. First things first here is what the engine looked like when I got it, dude I got it from said it mainly needs valve cover gaskets as well as front/rear main seals which doesn't matter to me since I'm going to rebuild the engine.

    Here's after about 7 passes with degreaser and a pressure washer

    I took apart the engine down to almost a bare block getting ready to take to the machine shop to resurface my block and then hone the cylinder walls then install valve springs for me then going to have them install new piston rings, camshaft bearings, and then rod bearings. Im picking up some LS6 valve springs/pushrods, LS7 lifters, 218/227 cam, and gaskets on my next pay check so I should be good after that to start putting everything back together on the engine.

    So first day I got the car I took the front end off to get ready to pull the engine out when I got off of work the following day

    Next step I pulled out the engine and pulled all the fuses and relays from the fuse box because I was wanting to paint the engine bay but second guessing that right now
    I will be posting my progress along the way stay tuned for more

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    Wish you good luck! Our project was extremely rewarding with a car that has lots of utility/potential.

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    So next I pulled the engine as I mentioned in my last post, took a few hours from complete to tearing down to the block and having the engine out
    Engine out

    Next step I pulled the dash and all the interior, I'm looking to make the car a M3 clone so I'm currently trying to sell my tan interior for M3 pieces




    Next step is to sand down the surface rust in the engine bay, take off brake booster/ABS Module, pull fuse box out and chassis harness through the firewall, then clean out the engine bay and prep for paint. Following that I plan on rewiring the chassis harness to what I need (Front/Rear Lights, Power Windows, Ignition, and Turn Signals... pretty sure I'm missing something) I'm on the fence about going over to manual brakes. I'm going to cut out my wheel wells for multiple reasons. Main reason is due to rust and then I am going to rub at lock with the angle mods I'm going to have but the Vorshlag ABS relocate bracket mounts to a bracket on the wheel well so I'm going manual brakes. Any of you guys recommend manual brakes or should I fab up a mounting location for the ABS module to run ABS? Also does anyone have any pointers to give me for wiring the chassis harness? I don't have that much experience with wiring and am going to run a wiring specialties harness for my engine harness if that makes a difference for tips or pointers. Anyways I will be posting more progress pictures when I work on the car again

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