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Thread: Z3 M fan delete cooling system (new parts)

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    Z3 M fan delete cooling system (new parts)

    Brand New coolant system for BMW E36/7 Z3 M Roadster. $300 cash only.

    I'm in Ipswich Massachusetts, and would like to try to sell local and in person, so I am not offering to ship.

    My car was a 1999 Z3M with S52 engine. Some of these cooling parts will fit ALL S52's, some only the Z3. Check your part # cross references if you're planning to use them on something other than a Z3M. I purchased all of these parts brand new from ECS, FCP Euro, and Bavarian Autosport. They've never been used – I sold the vehicle last summer before I had a chance to install.

    Just about everything is here that you would need for a complete “Fan Delete” coolant system replacement except antifreeze and the two deflector pulleys.

    Sil Water pump
    aluminum thermostat housing & seal
    Nissen radiator
    ECS tuning billet pulley
    ECS fan delete nut
    Coolant overflow tank & cap
    all clips for radiator and coolant tank
    all hoses
    both belts (Continental)
    every hose clamp and clip that I could think of needing

    I also have the following items available:
    Bentley Z3 service manual - $40
    Bavarian Autosport stainless steel brake line kit (for both front and rear) BRAND NEW and unused - $50 (Fits S52 and S54 M model Z3's)

    I haven't been on the forum in quite some time now, but I will try to check in for replies and PM's. These items are also listed on Boston area Craigslist with pics if you want to look them up there.

    PS... for potential local New England buyers... I may be interested in trades for interesting electric guitars in excellent condition... Gretsch, MIM or MIJ Fender, Sterling, G & L, or EVH. 70's or 80's "Lawsuit" era Japanese guitars too... Greco, Burny, Aria Pro, Tokai. Let me know if you've got something of interest.
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    will keep you posted. I'm hoping to sell locally without shipping, but not holding much hope as New England isn't much of a Z3 market.

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