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Thread: E36 M3 5.0 Swap Wiring

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    E36 M3 5.0 Swap Wiring

    Whatís up guys, so I got my car back from a ďfriendĒ who was supposed to have completed the swap for me but itís not complete. My main concern is the wiring, car turns on, but none of the gauges work. I know thereís adapters or what not.. but this is what Iím left with. Iím currently looking for my e36v8 swap cd to tackle the wiring on my own. If anyone has advice tips or tricks it would be much appreciated, want to get my electric fan hooked up too..
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    My tip is that those blue posi locks or whatever they're called are a great way to set your car on fire. That is not the right way to splice a wire. Solder or quality butt connector and the right crimp tool is the way to go.

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    What harness are you using? What computer?

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