Hello all,

Ive got an e92 m3 2008 with the DCT transmission, has about 87k miles on it. I drive it hard maybe 10% of the time, drive it hard but not as savage 60% of the time, and then drive casually about 30% of the time, the car is daily driven as well (I guess this matters).

So basically the issue im having is my car making a weird grinding noise/metal on metal clunk???? whenever the car downshifts to first gear. It happens in. both S mode, and in D mode, regardless of if im slowing down and downshift on throttle, or downshift off throttle. Its strange because my car was perfectly fine yesterday and every other day I've had it, but this morning it started making this disgusting grind. Im familiar with manual cars synchros going bad and causing them to grind when shifting but this car is DCT, im sure the car isn't damaging itself when every shift is computer controlled. Ive searched on the forums but it seems as if other DCT owners have never had this issue, so its a first for me. I haven't got any low trans fluid warnings or anything of that nature and I also don't beat on my car when the transmission fluid is cold. Like I won't deny that I beat on the car 24/7 but I still take care of everything on time. Some other symptoms I've noticed are the dct not shifting as fast as when I first bought the car (64k miles), and the downshifts aren't as "crisp" if that makes sense. One more thing worth mentioning is me using Launch Control about 6 times in the past 23k miles, but the last time I used launch control (about a week ago) my car didn't have any issues. Mind you, my car doesn't grind when I upshift, it doest grind at wot pulls, and it doesn't grind on any downshifts except the 2-1 shift.

some things I think that could possibly be the issue are as follows:
- clutch recalibration?
- low clutch fluid?
- low trans fluid?
- and worst comes to worst, gears/synchros are messed up and I need a new transmission.

would any of you guys be able to help me out?
I already dropped it off at a shop, but tbh I don't trust any shops in my little town, so well see what happens. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Attached are videos of the grinding in d2 mode, and s5 mode..