Hey guys, I hate to make New thread but I’ve read and read for a week now and cannot solve my problem.

I have a 08 X.3 3.0 SI with The n52 engine car ran out of gas and after putting in 2 gallons it would not start.

I checked all fuses plus the fuel pump relay it was odd because I was missing fuse number 54 behind the glove box which is for the fuel system. So i pop a 20a and i put my two fingers on the lines by the pump and when i turn the key i feel the system pressurize but no start.

I order a new pump and check on spark which i do have. Installed new pump and again no start. I took out the 54 fuse which i did not have to begin with and neither the old or new pump pressurizes and no start. When i pop the 54 fuse in the system pressuizes but no start and makes a weird “overloading sound”

I tried a diff relay from the horn which works and nothing.

Check all fuses on engine bay and glove box and nothing.