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Thread: DME replaced and EWS alignment do i need to change the Vin in the new DME

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    DME replaced and EWS alignment do i need to change the Vin in the new DME

    Hi All, Im usually working on my E39 however helping my mate with his 96 M3 Evo here in OZ, we have had an issue with lights dash no crank intermittently and I've narrowed it down to DME / EWS issues, starter and replays have all checked fine.
    Interrogating the Car today with INPA ive found that the DME was replaced and dated 2000 and the vin thats in it is for a 97 delivered AU M3 Evo. so it looks like it was replaced by BMW under warranty with a new unit in 2000.

    I have found the INS codes were not matched and key not recognised in the errors for the EWS and DME modules and i have run a resin INS from EWS to DME and she starts and runs well, i had her idling for a while where previously the DME would shut down within 2 mins.

    My question is from treading all the forums it appears as long as the MSS50 DME is the same version ( which it is ) that all i need to really do is align the DMW to EWS ( done ) but my question is should i code the DME VIN to match the car its in now , is it worth the hassle and fun or just leave it.
    It seams the EWS -II system is not as picky on the ODB1 M3's like it can be on the later 97 onwards E36's with clutch sensors and allows an alignment of codes, has any one any experience with these fun modules.


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    You don't NEED to do anything further if you don't want to. Doing the VIN change isn't as easy as the EWS sync, so you'll face that issue if you try to do it. I'm not sure if the Euro ECU requires this, but the US M3 MS41 needs the eeprom chip desoldered to change the VIN. I assume the Euro is no different.

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