Hi Guys!

I am selling my 2000 BMW 750iL V12 as a drive-able parts car, or project car if you're ambitious. It has been my daily driver for 12 years and the best car I've ever owned. 209,000 miles of driving pleasure and darn near the best car I've ever driven. However, it is time to part ways. I can't keep a third car in the family and I need a car with AWD and not so many miles. This car is located in White River Junction, VT.

I am asking $2,000 cash. Drive it away. Keep in mind, if you buy most parts cars, you're going to need a flatbed truck or trailer or pay $1000 or more to ship it. My baby: pay up and drive it home, then mail me back my plates.

If you have an e38 V12 that you want to keep running for a price you can afford, this is your car. Loaded with valuable parts, but the body and interior trim are not among them. Not to be mistaken for a show car, this has been a daily driver for 12 years and over 110,000 miles. V12 still pulls like a freight train, transmission shifts smoothly and quickly, and it has lots of recent suspension parts that make it hug the road.

This hardly matters for a parts car, but if you're interested in it as a project car, you should know that the SEL is permanently on due to a need for catalytic converters, which you might obtain from a junk yard in any major metro area, which VT is not. There is also an airbag error code for the rear passenger side airbag. I've already replaced the bag twice and the wiring harness, but no go. May need a trip to the dealer or to DUDMD or some other genius who might be able to clear the code but must have the car to do it.

The car has two sets of wheels, 16" basketweaves for the winter with pretty much worn out snow tires and 18" M-Pars with three very good tires and one ruined that would need to be replaced. All are included in the price. The wheels and three good tires are likely worth up to $1000 all by themselves, especially when you consider there is a brand new, OEM, never-used M-Par in the trunk for the spare tire.


An ambitious shade tree mechanic could more than double their money on this car. The ECM computers alone are selling for $250 each on ebay and this car has computers for everything. Air conditioner compressor, 200A water-cooled alternator, radiator, mass air flow sensors ($$$), and all the rest. A rolling gold mine for someone, just not for me.

I'm getting to old to be tearing a car apart in all weathers, the wife doesn't want a partially disassembled wreck in the yard. Plus, it would also break my heart, like eating the family dog.

If interested, feel free to call me at 802-296-1617 or e-mail me at scottthibault@hotmail.com.

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