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Thread: What headlight accessory is this? Need a replacement part.

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    What headlight accessory is this? Need a replacement part.

    This is a 2006 E46 M3 Coupe competition package that I bought a few years ago. One of the previous owners added some aftermarket parts.

    The headlights have these LED rings around them. One one of them, fully half are dead. On another, a few LEDs are out.

    Can someone identify who made these, and a part number? It looks sort of goofy being half broken. Thanks.


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    There is a gazzilion of them on the market really, it would be hard to ID them even after you take them out. If you are keen on the look, replace all 4 rings with a new set or take them out if you're not into them. The way the cheapest ones (and not only!) are made is a fire hazard under your hood.
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