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Thread: 19 others needed...DTM car avail

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    19 others needed...DTM car avail

    ok...ok...I know multiple owners never works...but Im really in need of this car for track days!....what a lovely beast....omfg

    19 others figure 10k each...200k all in...these cars were what 60k in the late 90's?..maybe less?
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    I'm in. Where do I send my money?

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    I wonder if that is the ex-Nigel Mosely car, it looks like it might be. That was the sister car to Ron Checca's Gruppe A car.
    Thats a beautiful example.
    And yes,,, much like the street cars in the mid to late 90s, there was a period where no one wanted or cared about these very much.
    $60K Gruppe A cars was the start of the climb.
    When I was shopping there were numerous examples available for lots lots less.
    I remember when Aurthur Porter put his ex Schnitzer, verified Johnny Cecotto driven, race history galore Gruppe A car on Barret Jackson and I think it brought $45K.
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    It might be Ron Checca's ex sister car.

    Seen here beside's Mitch Herman's car. Damn. Those were the good old days when we were buying M3s because they were fun track cars. Not for speculating on them. ;-)

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